New things happenin’

So I am done with this blog you guys. I am keeping it up for a few more days. Just long enough for me to gather the people whom I follow and follow me. Sorry for slacking you guys. I’m getting back into the groove of things, almost. Check out my other blog. That’s where you’ll get the daily do or updates…what have you.

Here’s a photo of my recent doings.
I took some photos of a little girl a couple of days ago. It was my first time with portraits with my dslr. Not too bad in my opinion.


Moving to a new spot, ya’ll

So I’m back home in the Mississippi Delta. Finally!!!! Got home Tuesday afternoon. Been pretty busy but I have managed to get a few shots in. NOTHING really bad ass though.

Since I’m home now, I’m moving my blog. I’ll be getting my official website up and running here shortly. =) So, if you care to keep up with wanderings and want to where I’m frolicing, head over to the Delta Daze blog.

See ya’ll there.


Sorry for not really being too active with everyone’s blogs. I have been beyond busy. I didn’t forget ya’ll, promise.

wk29: Blue

© Chasiti Moore, 2010

Wow. I have missed so many weeks in my "Weekly Photo Challenge" with Shutterboo. I’m sorry. I’m honestly shocked that I have this one. I’ve been either really busy or stuck in the house. Not too many photography options available. Next challenge is "door knob". I hope I get around to it. =)

The Hand that Needs

Just a little something I made.
This is the result of boredom and not having much photography to work with.
I’m ready to get home…get back to shooting stuff. I’m so miserable without having something to photograph.
I’ll be home super soon.

© Chasiti Moore

Visiting Ramstein

© Chasiti Moore, 2010

A couple of friends and myself went to Ramstein to go to the Ramstein Air Base for dinner at Chili’s and to shop around. That base is HUGE. We got lost for about 30 min. The drive on the way from Ansbach to Ramstein was really nice. There was a wine vineyard I swear the size of Texas. The vineyard was along the Rhine River. I really wished it was possible to have toured around a little. It was most definitely picture worthy.

Doner Time

Sorry for not posting as of lately and for my lack of activity. I’ve been somewhat busy. I’ve not really been anywhere worthy for photographs. I’ll be heading back to the states in little over 2wks. Once I get there, the photographs will start rolling in. =)

Also, don’t forget that once I get my site up and running I’ll be changing my photography blog. I’ll post all the details of the where abouts when I get it all up and running. All that will take place shortly after I’m back home.

For now, here’s a photo of the doner stand in the Brucken Center [aka mall] in Ansbach, Germany. It’s my favorite place to have a doner box. The doners there aren’t too bad but they aren’t my favorite. It’s all about the type of bread you use that makes and awesome doner.

© Chasiti Moore, 2010

soaked up the sun

Sunshine is rare here in Bavaria. I miss sunshine. The warm feeling that hits your skin, they way it touches the tiny hairs on your body. =) mmmmmm!!!

© Chasiti Moore, 2010

© Chasiti Moore, 2010